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Alliance against Racism – For Justice and Humanity in Saxony

The situation

It did not start in 2014 when representatives of NGOs, religious communites, of trade unions, parties, associations, of art, culture and science as well as from migrants' organisations described the problems that come with Racism and a lack of participation opportunities as well as social justice. In Saxony and beyond, the whole spectrum of Racist appearances can be found. Whether it is in institutions, state agencies or in civil society, refugees, People of Colour and migrants are affected.


People living in Saxony experience discrimination on the housing and labour market, degrading treatment, they are disadvantaged by state agencies and institutions and have to listen to Racist terms and jokes in family and at work.


Racist and discriminating behavior results out of a variety of different sources. It affects all levels of society. Parts of society already dissociated from the democratic consensus on values. Moral borders were shifted. Solidarity and quality of life are threatened by these developments.


We jointly envision a peaceful world where solidarity and respect shape society. Everybody shall have equitable access to material and ideational ressources. Together we stand for the application of human rights according to the UN Human Rights Charta so every human being may live freely from Racism and discrimination, no matter where he*she comes from or what he*she believes in.

Taking Action

The Alliance against Racism unites associations and organisations that face the problem of Racism, name it and try to counteract it.

  1. We are sensitive towards Racism in our own organisations and confront it.
  2. It is important to us to position ourselves publicly against Racism in Saxony.

The member organisations come from different parts of society. Hence, different perspectives and resources are represented in the alliance. The members support each other in order to increase their knowledge and competences and finally, to oppose Racism. Pooling and advertising the different educational offers that deal with right-wing populism and Racism as well as global reasons for escape is only one example of concrete action.


The members form a lobby for people affected by Racism. They support those who offer schooling and extracurricular education that deals with the critique of Racism.


The members bring the issue of Racism and Racist slogans on the agenda by conducting campaigns and joint events. In the face of increasing right-wing populist and Racist discourses as well as with the state elections of 2019 coming closer, the broad Saxon public is the supposed and explicit addressee of these actions.


The alliance is open for further members and objectives that carry this joint self-conception.

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